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Feng Shui Consultation

- Residential and Commercial Projects

- Audit on Present Premises

- Space Planning, Design of House and 

Commercial Development 

- House and Land Plot Selection 

- Annual Assessment & Recommendation on            your luck 

-  Pre - Recruitment Assessment for Suitability         of Job Position for Potential Candidate

- Founding & Opening of Business 

- House Moving 

- Creation Of Wealth Vase

- Company Logo Design Rendering 

- Packaging Design Rendering 

- Name Card & Letterhead 


Our Consultants



Janet Chua is the Chief Consultant and Founder of 8 Mansions Consulting and 8 Mansions Jewelry. Ms Chua has been a practitioner and consultant of Chinese Metaphysics for over a decade, operating out of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Middle East, Ms Chua holds vast extensive knowledge on how Chinese Metaphysics can be leveraged to benefit and assist clients needs. 

To date, Ms Chua and 8 Mansions is the most recognized authority of Chinese Metaphysics in the Middle East. With a clientele compromising of several Multinational Corporations and high profile individuals. 


Sharon Ng is the Head Consultant at 8 Mansions Consulting and Head Designer at 8 Mansions Jewelry. Ms Ng has been a practitioner and consultant of Chinese Metaphysics for over five years. Known to have magic fingers, Ms Ng is able to marry the powers of Chinese Metaphysics with the versatile capabilities of natural crystals to produce alluring and robust jewelry. 

Feng Shui Consultation
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